Question #2 comes from Mrs. Laura Black’s 7th grade class at Nagel Middle School.

Hi Joe! I have started the school year teaching 125 eager 7th graders at Nagel who would love to know about how your bike’s generator is doing to supply your electronics with enough energy to navigate your travels, record your stories, and keep you connected to your family and friends. How long does it take to charge it all? How many miles do you have to pedal? How is YOUR energy level holding up?? You’re an inspiration to us all.

Laura Black’s 7th grade class at Nagel Middle School asks how I produce electricity on the bike?Learn more about how Joe Motz of Anderson Township is riding his bike 6,500 miles around the country at @Forest Hills School DistrictNagel Middle School PTO#parkinsons #parkinsonsdisease ##gearingupforgood @gearingupforgood #ucneuroscienceinstitute #gardnerneuroscienceinstitute

Posted by Gearing Up For Good on Wednesday, September 4, 2019