Join us in this “water to water” ride. From the Ohio River to Lake Erie in the name of Parkinson’s Disease research.

Cycling Ohio is a week long bike ride with the goal of brining awareness to Parkinson’s Disease research. The state of Ohio has the biggest concentration of clinical sites for a Parkinson’s clinical trial that evaluates the effectiveness of exercise on patients living with the disease. This is called the SPARX3 clinical trial. The goal of Cycling Ohio is to bring connectivity between Ohio’s four regions of research and promote the possible benefits bicycle riding has to minimize the progression of Parkinson’s Disease.  Learn more here.

You can participate in Cycling Ohio in various ways:

1. Register for the ride

2. Attend the kick off event in Cincinnati on September 12th

3. Follow along and share on social media to cheer from home! 

4. Make a donation to support the cause. We are partnering with Pedaling for Parkinson’s where your donation helps fund support programs across the country that help people with Parkinson’s move and live better. 


If you decide to register as a cyclist, you have the option of riding one day for $35, multiple days for $75 total, or you can be one of the 25 “thru-riders” and ride the full eight days for $150 dollars. Register here.


Gearing Up for Good has blocked rooms at hotels along the route. Riders are responsible for the cost of lodging for each day. Transportation will be provided to and from the listed hotels and trail except for the last destination in Cleveland. Learn more and book lodging here.


If you are registered for the ride, you will automatically receive a t-shirt included for the price of your registration. Cycling jerseys, bibs, shorts and full kits are available for additional cost at the time of registration. If you are just interested in purchasing event apparel, you can select “EVENT APPAREL ONLY” as your registration option on our event page here.


Please join us Sunday 9/12/2021 @ Sawyer Point in Cincinnati, Ohio to send off the cyclists and kick off Cycling Ohio. Learn more here:


Our Purpose: Together we will go further. 

Our Mission: Connecting people through the power of movement. 

Our Values:

  1. We inspire you to stretch beyond perceived limits to not just live but thrive.
  2. We encourage the miracle of movement.
  3. We care and have compassion.
  4. We persevere.
  5. We are committed to physical and mental quality of life.

Stay Connected and Follow the Ride