100% of your contribution helps those living with Parkinson’s move and live better lives.

We are proud to be partnering with Pedaling for Parkinson’s, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Pedaling for Parkinson’s is committed to advancing our understanding of how physical activity impacts the motor symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease. 

Cycling Ohio Fundraising Update

OUR NEW GOAL IS $20,000!

WOW! With your generosity, we have reached our original goal of raising $10,000 for Pedaling for Parkinson’s. Can we DOUBLE DOWN and hit $20,000 together?  Let’s continue this momentum as our cyclists are half way through their journey across Ohio.


Thank you to the following donors who have contributed to Cycling Ohio for Parkinson’s and Pedaling for Parkinson’s.

Walter Donnelly – $500
Doug Goldberg – $100
Joe Motz – $1,100
Mark Motz – $100
Regina Sharp – $100
Tim & Debbie Turton – $1,000
Cody & Tracie Cook – $50
Pam Webb – $100
Laurel Hartman – $100
Charles Jones Machinery Inc. – $200
Amy Belletti – $25
Jane Motz – $50
Bob & Jeanne Coughlin – $500
Stephen Torbeck – $100
Karen Carnahan – $1,000
Jodi McDonald – $50
Michelle Sellet – $50
Teresa Combs – $100
Patrick McEnroe – $500
Kathleen Heil – $50
Michael Zaret – $15
Michelle Motz – $100
Erica Shannon – $100
Jeanne Brail – $25
Diane Orzali – $25
Jeanne Brail – $25
Robert Saelinger – $250
Ken Watson – $50
Amy Luebbers – $25
Nancy Thomas – $100
Tana Weingartner – $10
Leonard Coleman – $100
Adam Coleman – $250
C. Brent Nichols – $200
Andrew Krueger – $50
The Motz Corporation – $3,000
Andrew Adams – $100
Reid Rooney – $50
Joanne Clifton – $100
Sweets & Meats – $1,000
Donna Schnicke – $50
Joy & Jeff Harris – $1,000
Helen Motz – $25
Mark & Pattianne Menden – $250
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bult – $1,000
Devinder Mangat – $650
Tim Schroeder – $100
Clay Bond – $1,000
The Birk Family – $250
Reser Bicycle – $250
Patricia Livermore – $50
Jim Wilz – $2,500
James & Terri Rolfes – $1,000
Tillie Lima – $50



Your contribution supports:

Helps fund ongoing research for Parkinson’s.

Supports Pedaling for Parkinson’s programs across the country.

Helps people with Parkinson’s move and live better.

100% of your contribution goes directly to the frontline to support those in need.

Pedaling for Parkinson’s Story

Pedaling for Parkinson’s came about after Cathy Frazier, Co-founder, commented during RAGBRAI 2003 that, “for this week it did not feel like I had Parkinson’s.”  These comments were later confirmed to some degree by Dr. Jay Alberts.  Upon returning to Atlanta, Dr. Alberts evaluated Cathy’s motor symptoms using the clinical evaluation assessment, the Unified Parkinson’s disease Rating Scale (UPDRS-Part III Motor Exam).  Cathy’s scores decreased by nearly 35% compared to her scores approximately six months earlier.  While on the 2003 trip, Dr. Alberts also noticed that Cathy’s tremors had improved and her handwriting seemed to be larger and more legible. 

Improved motor functioning over the course of training for RAGBRAI and during the event itself led to Dr. Alberts positing that riding on a tandem may have contributed to these improvements in motor function in the upper and lower extremity.  These non-specific improvements suggest that these changes are not just due to changes in lower extremity body composition. 

We are currently exploring the hypothesis that these improvements in motor function are due to an increase in the patients’ cadence (RPM’s).  The average cadence of a Parkinson’s disease patient during stationary and on-road cycling is between 40-50 RPM.  A well-conditioned road cyclist will typically pedal at cadences greater than 85 RPM.  When riding on a tandem bicycle both participants must pedal at the same rate as the pedals are locked via a timing chain.  We hypothesize that positive motor effects occur when Parkinson’s patients pedal at rates higher than they can normally achieve (e.g. riding a tandem with a trained cyclist).

RAGBRAI – the Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa


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